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warnings: nothing but two teenagers being silly, feelings of joy, sadness and gratitude. 

just whistle. i'll come running, i promise. )


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the one who survives by making the lives of others worthwhile
she's coming apart; tight before my eyes
the one who depends on the services she renders
to those who come knocking, she's seeing too clearly what she can't be
what understanding defies:
 she says "i need not to need" or else a love with intuition,
someone who reaches out to my weakness and won't let go.
i need not to need. i've always been the tower. but now
i feel like i'm the flower trying to bloom in snow.

yuna tries hard. in dark times.
she must shine bright.
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Yes, this is Yuna. I am truly sorry I missed your message.
I will answer it as soon as I can. Thank you, and take care."

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[Player name] Lizzie
[Age] I-I'm 20. I don't know why either.[Personal Journal] lawofgravity on DW. ohlizzie on LJ.
[Other characters currently played] Haseo "theterrorofdeath" on DW "ofredemption"" on LJ.
C.C. "aevitas" on LJ, "waterdrop" on  DW.
[Character name] Yuna
[Age] 17
[Canon] Final Fantasy X
[Point in time taken from canon]
The journey on Mt.Gagazet, before Tidus finds her 'Goodbye Sphere'.
Ronso, let them pass! Summoner Yuna, your will is stronger than steel.
Tempered steel that even the mightiest Ronso could not hope to bend. Yuna, we bow to your will!"
-Maester Kelk Ronso

Yuna can be described as both very simple and very complex at the same time. She is extremely polite, and extremely shy. Of course, at a glance, she often comes across as genially put together, always with a serene smile on her face and a kind word to the people who place so much faith in her. This has become somewhat of her mask, her public shield to put on for the public that hides away any insecurities or fears she might have herself. In reality, Yuna is a whirling cauldron of thoughts, emotions and wishes that she refuses to let come to the surface because of her duty.
“I’ve learned to..practice smiling, when I’m feeling sad, you know?”
Yuna is an extremely people-oriented person. While her quiet nature and often few words might lead you to suspect otherwise, most of her actions revolve around the benefit of another person. So if she for instance, is sad, she immediately thinks of how it will affect others, and often does whatever she can to cover it up, whether it’s by ‘smiling’ or making herself busy, or simply having some time alone. In fact, one of Yuna’s greatest strengths and weaknesses is her absolute martyr complex.
“It’s not just about what I want. I have to think about what everyone wants. “
If by her occupation alone, it’s obvious Yuna has little regard to her own welfare in comparision to the people around her. She has chosen the path of a summoner, a journey full of trials of the body and mind that will test her to the limits. If she is lucky, she will reach the end of her pilgrimage, and in sacrificing her life, grant Spira a temporary peace of ten years called the Calm. Yuna knows the path she has chosen. She even  says in the game that she knew this moment would come ‘ever since she was a child’ as she nears the end of her journey, implying not only that she was prepared to make this decision early on, but also that she matured far, far earlier than any child should have had to. Yuna’s selflessness is used many times in the game. She even goes so far as to agree to a marriage if it will mean granting the people of Spira something to be happy about. And yet, at the same time Yuna’s selflessness causes her a great deal of personal pain.
“I’ve..always known where to go.”
As the game’s storyline progresses, the summoner harbors quietly growing feelings for the protagonist, Tidus. As she grows these feelings, she realizes that she will never act on them because she has chosen to die for Spira. When the two both confess in their own ways to having feelings for each other, Tidus seems to have successfully swayed Yuna from the Summoner’s death-march, only for Yuna to pull back and tearfully whisper, “ I can’t. I just can’t. I can’t go.” While she has her own ‘selfish’ desire to want to live a normal life with Tidus, the need to see the people of Spira safe, to see Sin defeated, to see her friends in a world where they can be safe, overrides this.

Auron describes her to a T: She's stubborn, naive, serious to a fault, and doesn't ask for help.

It's hardly a matter of pride for Yuna, simply that she feels it is her responsibilty to the people of Spira and to her friends not to worry them. Which is why you will often find her insisting to do things herself, without someone's help. It's the same sort of stubborness that caused her to go on to be being a summoner even when Wakka and Lulu protested--to push forward and agree to marry Maester Seymour and continue her pilgrimage.

Yuna places very little personal value on herself, as she is so accostumed to serving others and living her life for the sake of bringing the Calm that she will rarely ever speak up, if at all, if she wants or feels something pertaining to her.

This isn't to say she isn't very passionate or brave when it comes to speaking her mind when it's necessary, it's just that she simply carries herself in a quiet, reserved manner. Her Father was the hero who saved Spira before her, and with this sort of legacy hanging over her shoulders, Yuna has immense pressure placed on her by the people of Spira, and most of all herself.

However this doesn't mean that Yuna secretely harbors ill will about it. On the contrary, Yuna's personality is so conditioned to be unselfish, so genuinely benevolent that she really considers it to be 'a joy and an honor' to have so many guardians, to be her father's daughter--no matter what difficulties come with it.

In mannerisms Yuna is very formal. While she is not above giving a hug or holding a hand of a child or comforting a friend, she is more often than not at arm's reach, offering polite if not guarded smiles that still manage to convey a genuine sense of compassion and concern for the people it's directed towards. Yuna is extremely shy, even though she carries an act of serenity and grace--there are certainly moments she can lose her calm.

A prime example of this is when she oversleeps in Djose Temple, (she spent all night sending the fallen monks and crusaders, again, an example of her unselfish nature ) and the party has to come in and wake her up herself. She immediately scrambles around, doesn't even bother brushing her hair, and gathers her things before she runs outside, apologizing profusely to her guardians for being exhausted.

Of course Yuna can be childish as well, because after she apologizes, the party teases her for not brushing her hair, and like a teenage girl, she puffs out her cheeks and scolds them for teasing her. She is a very naive person, wanting to believe in things that might not necessarily be true, the greatest example being Tidus' Zanarkand.

While everyone around her believe's Tidus is suffering from sin toxin, Yuna believes that his Zanarkand is out there, and she even wants him to take her there.
"I do believe in your Zanarkand. I really do, you know?"
She gushes to Tidus that she has heard all about it from his Father, and that she would love to go and see the 'lights' and watch him play blitzball, not at all unlike a regular girl wanting to support a boyfriend at a game. It's not that Yuna doesn't have childishness in her, it's simply that she places her goals above that, that constant drive to see her journey to it's conclusion.

She may be serious when it counts, but she is also not above offering kind encouragement to her friends. As Tidus gets glum about Zanarkand and the possibility of him never returning, Yuna is the one who leans in and asks him if he 'wants to scream'. She then tells him that she knows it's difficult, but that she has learned to smile even when it is--and that he should try it too. She playfully tells him to start laughing out loud, and even joins him in laughing out over Luca as the party watches in bewilderment.

Afterwards she tells Tidus sincerely that "she wants her journey to be full of laughter", showing him the core of who she is: A girl who wants everyone around her to be happy, even if it's at the personal, or in her case, fatal cost of her own life.

Naively believing her whole life that her religion was the truth, when it's shattered, Yuna's strength does not falter. She goes through a period of questioning herself, but eventually realizes she needs to rely on her friends more, and takes their strength and conviction and picks herself up again.

Instead of abandoning her pilgrimage, she marches with her party straight to Mt. Gagazet, even when the people of Spira consider her a traitor for fighting against the corrupt Maester Seymour--for going against Yevon's armies--even when the people have abandoned her, she still fights for them.

This baffles the leader of the Ronso, Maester Kelk, who tells her to turn back, only for Yuna to firmly state: "No. We will not flee, we will fight and continue on."

Yuna will continue whatever goal she has no matter what anyone says about it, and this stubborn tenacity of hers can move even the hardest of hearts, as in this case, for Kelk asks her bluntly, if the people have abandoned you, what could you possibly fight for?

"I fight for Spira." Yuna says, because above all else, no matter what anyone says, she deeply, deeply desires the happiness of people around her, above all else.

"Don't say it isn't worth it, " She tells Tidus. Even if the Calm is temporary, ten years of happiness for other people is enough for Yuna to believe it worth dying for. 

Quiet, polite, compassionate, strong.
Yuna's actions speak louder than her reserved nature, and this is just what her world needs.
Same link as above! Will have everything you need to know.
/Lizzie is lazy.
[Other important stuff]
 Yuna will have her aeons with her, I'm assuming? Because she can summon them..hopefully this is alright? :)
[Sample post]
[First Person]
Ah---um, excuse me? [a girl with two bi-colored eyes looks into the screen with a polite, yet slightly unsettled expression]

Hello--my name is Yuna. I am a summoner from the world of Spira. Perhaps..some of you have found your way here--as well? If you could maybe respond to this--uhm, machina, I would appreciate it. Just to let me know you're safe, especially any of my guardians..please tell me you're alright. 
[her expression gets a little more serious as she looks up at the screen]
To the..people who have sent me here, I have a request, if you'd listen. [a small bow]
I understand that you need my help, and while I am honored that you would choose me--..I really must be going back to Spira. I haven't completed my pilgrimage---
[a quiet shake of her head, feature firm]

And I can't stop for anything. I'm sorry. The people of Spira need me and what I can give to them..and I can't afford to stop now. I only ask that you listen to my request, and please, return me to my world.

[another little bow]
I truly am sorry..--thank you for your time.

[Third Person]
The first initial thought she had on her mind was: Where was everyone?
Dusting off her skirts, the summoner rose slowly from her awkward seat on the ground, reaching for her staff. That at least, she had on her person.

"Lulu? Sir Auron? Kimahri? Wakka? Rikku? Tidus?" She proceeded to call out each name after a few pauses each, bicolored eyes blinking with concern as she looked around. Where were her guardians?

This was clearly not the summit of Mt. Gagazet, or anywhere she had yet traveled in Spira so far. A sinking feeling in her stomach told her that this was clearly not Spira.

"I've never seen this place this? Am I..dreaming?" Yuna wasn't actually far off, however at this moment, she was more concerned with how very far from where she needed to be she was. Her mind raced with thoughts of her guardians, were they injured? Lost? Had Yevon soldiers taken them? There was so much to be worried over--her hands tightened over her staff, a faint sound of unease escaping her lips in a worried sigh.

And yet here she was lost, completely alone--becoming a burden--something she couldn't allow herself to be.

Up ahead she could see the outline of what looked to be buildings. There was no way of knowing if it would be safe. No way at all. But she knew that there was no time to be hesitating, the people of Spira needed a reason to be happy and the Calm was the only way that she could give them that.

But--perhaps it couldn't hurt to try at least..just once--

Somarium's world echoed with the sound of a whistle, escaping the trembling fingers of a very cold summoner. For a moment Yuna's bicolored eyes hopefully lifted upwards the horizon, naively thinking for a brief moment that he would come running.

Disappointment flitted across the girl's face before she lowered her fingers, and gripped the staff again, quietly squaring her shoulders and beginning a long, cold walk towards Espoir.

She would find answers. She would find her guardians. She would return to Spira.

She would bring the Calm.

[Why do you want to play this character in Somarium?] I think Yuna is a very reserved person, so having the chance to showcase her dreams and have people get a look at what makes the girl would be very interesting! Plus I think having a sweet girl like Yuna around would balance out my other two characters. :) 
[Which rule was your favorite and why?] Be nice to other players. I just think it's silly if there is another way to do that!!

[Where did you hear about Somarium?] Idk. Playing here will do that!!!
[Any questions?] Nope.


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