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warnings: nothing but two teenagers being silly, feelings of joy, sadness and gratitude. 

Luca is a bustling city, the largest you could say. You're wandering about, wondering just where your new friend went. You could have sworn you just saw him but now it's confused.

"I hope we don't get seperated, " You say softly, until --

A sharp sound, a whistle cuts through the noise, and you turn with startled eyes.
"What was that?" You murmur, and in front of you stands a boy with the sun in his hair. He's grinning at you, blue eyes bright--so open, so freely can he smile. And then he starts laughing at your question as he walks towards you.

"You try it too! Put your.." And he's lifting his fingers and sticking them in his mouth as his voice sounds muffled. "Fingers in your mouth, like this!" You furrow your brows. What exactly is he doing anyway? But he looks so eager..and happy--I want to try, too!
So you slip your fingers in a position near your mouth, blinking up at him curiously. "Like this?"  "Uh-uh." The sunny-haired boy says, and shows you again. "Not like that, this."  He steps back a little.

"Then, you just blow!"

He really wants you to try, and you want to whistle too, so you blow, and nothing but a faint puff of air escapes your lips. You try again.

"It's not working, " You say with a laugh in your voice, a bit disappointed, though you'd never say it. But instead he just grins.



"Hey, use that if we get seperated." He adds, then his smile widens. "Then..I'll come running, okay?" He pauses thoughtfully.
"Well, I guess we should just stick together then. Until you can do it. "

You laugh quietly, because you don't really mind staying together. Not with his smile and his easy-going nature. He's a friend, that's all you'll allow yourself.

"Yes sir!"

The scene shifts. You're on a balcony overlooking Luca's bottom square, and you can't help but notice him standing there by himself. After all, you did promise to stay together.

"Hey, watch." You say, and you whistle, a clear and sharp whistle. You're proud, and you can't help but walk over to his side as you smile at him. But rather than smile that sunny smile you never realized gave you so much strength , Tidus instead just looks a bit down at his feet.

"You got pretty good. " And him not smiling--well you would never want that. Not ever.

"You sound sad, " You say softly, as you've always spoken softly. Gently. Never loud, openly like he has. Like he can.

"Yeah, maybe." You pause, thinking of the last time he was upset. Tidus just flat out screamed, stomping his foot, and you could only watch in amazement at this boy who could so openly share what he felt inside. So unlike you--so different.

"Wanna scream?" It's asked gently, and he looks away, hands on the railing. "I don't think that's going to help this time." And you turn quietly, glancing ahead. Someone like you should always be smiling--even when it's difficult. But it's because things are that I think we--

"You know what?" You ask softly, your voice not near as loud as his. "It's a little embarassing to say this myself but--summoners are like Spira's ray of light. A lot of people.." Your shoulders feel heavy. Once again you remember what you're doing. What you have to do. And why you shouldn't be this close--why you shouldn't get this near to him but you continue on.

"--depend on us. " You pause, thinking about what you've said.

And I think..I depend on your smiles, too. I think they've given me strength. Is that selfish of me? There are times when..I don't want to smile. When I just--can't.

You smile gently at the boy with the sun in his hair, not as energetic as him. You almost feel tired for a moment. It's amazing how he can draw out so much of you.

"..I've learned to..practice smiling, when I'm feeling sad, you know?" You shyly glance away with a laugh in your voice, lids lowering before you raise your eyes to his again. Softly, always soft: "I know, it's hard. "

He pauses, glancing down. "Yeah, I understand I think."

You can't help but smile a bit brighter.

"Right, now let's see what you can do!"

He stares at you quizzically. "Come on, " You urge. Tidus looks sheepish as he pushes his fingers towards his lips, trying to press his face into a strained smile that only looks silly. There is laughter in your heart though it doesn't show in that soft smile of yours.

(There's much laughter since we've met, hasn't there?)

"This is weird!" He laughs at last, grinning at her from a sheepish face. You raise your hand as if you were a priest teaching an acolyte.

"Next, try laughing out loud." "What?" "Come on, show me!" You urge, taking a step back and motioning towards him with your hands.

Tidus pauses, looks at you for a minute then stares out at the sea; taking in a deep breath. And then he's laughing at the top of his lungs, it doesn't matter who watches--he's laughing, and as he takes a breath you step in beside him.

You look at one another, you with your shy smile, him with cheeks flushed from laughter, the sun always in his face. And you take a breath, and you both laugh together. You laugh long and loud out into the ocean air, hands on your hips, laughing as if there was no Sin, no dangers no sorrow. As if you were not a summoner and he wasn't a lost boy from Zanarkand.

After gasping for breath afterwards, you turn to him, this boy, and laugh again, as he laughs with you.

"Too funny, " You gasp between giggles, and he grins at you--this boy with his smile back where it belongs. " You started it!" (It's people like him that make me do this journey. A safe world where someone like him could laugh and live in. )

"Um..thank you." You say sincerely, because you are. There is so little to laugh about these days, or to smile truly from places where you won't let others see.

He stares at you curiously as you glance out at the ocean again, feeling a contentment in your heart.

"I want my journey to be full of laughter."

You glance at him, this boy who is so bright, so unlike anyone you've ever met.
"If we should get seperated, just whistle. I'll come running, I promise."

And you glance at him again, and you smile. You aren't smiling because you're sad, either.
He's clasping your hand, and he's smiling so brightly and there is laughter--..

Thank you.